Hello! I'm Debbie.

Debbie x

I've spent many years designing and making jewellery with a range of materials, demonstrated numerous techniques on live TV shopping channels and taught them to many, many crafters at workshops.

It's been great fun and I've loved every minute but now, I've turned in a different, albeit related direction where my focus is on making the bits that other crafters and jewellery makers can use in their creations.


I had become frustrated with the limited choice of items like frames, bezels, necklace links and those all important jewellery displays that would fold away neatly in my workshop but I could also take to craft fairs.


So, I invested in a laser cutter as a means to widen the choice available to you and me! My first laser was a valuable training aid but after a few months, I found I needed something (much) bigger and faster. Bryan, my hubbie, has christened in Nel (new enormous laser) but he's exaggerating a little.

Today, Nel and I are happily working with all sorts of materials to create unusual, workable, quality items which crafters can incorporate  in their designs. 

This journey is only six months old for me, but it's been brilliant and I'm 

really excited about where it's going to take Nel and me. Oh, and Bry, too.


West Midlands

B90 1SF

    United Kingdom    

07885 360210

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