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Hello! I'm Debbie.

I've spent many years designing and making jewellery with a range of materials, demonstrated numerous techniques on live TV shopping channels and taught them to many, many crafters at workshops.

Throughout that period, working with the Jewellery Maker TV channel has been my greatest passion and I am delighted still to be associated with the smashing team that works there, making things for their lovely customers.

Nowadays, I spend most of my time designing and making things that other crafters and jewellery makers can use in their creations. Because I love crafting myself, it's been an easy step to become a supplier. When I create new items like frames, bezels, necklace links and display stands, I always have in mind the practical side of using them.

I am fortunate to have a well-equipped design studio and workshop with a couple of laser cutters, which are kept very busy. I'm also lucky that hubby Bryan is now retired and able to help me on this exciting and very fulfilling journey. As you may have seen elsewhere on this site, he adds what I will call a less conventional approach to things. This shows not only in some of the designs you will see but also some of the terminology he has sneaked into the website text!

Together, we want to continue to expand what I can offer you to get more out of a hobby which gives all of us untold satisfaction.

Thank you for your support in the past and I hope I can continue to make things you enjoy using in the future.

Best wishes

Debbie x

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