Meet Lizziebelle and the Spugles! 

These lovable little folk and their guardian fairy are the central characters in a story written by my hubby Bryan during Lockdown.

He's drawn the characters, written the first twelve chapters of their story in an ebook and is adding a new chapter every week.

When you buy a character set, you will receive a free subscription to the ebook and all future new chapters.

Going forward, each month, we will be releasing a new set of characters, or their homes or other items from the world they live in, along with the next section of the ebook.

Our plan is continuously to develop the story, the range of characters, associated scenery and display stands so children have something to collect, decorate, play with, read or listen to at bedtime.

We have trialled the story with friends and neighbours and they have universally asked for the next instalments, so we hope others will now give it a try.

Full height characters are between 8-10cm tall and the heads are around 6cm tall. varying depending on whether it's a Spugly adult or child. All of the characters are made of MDF and sent unpainted so you can decorate them as you wish.

We will email the latest version of the story to you when you complete the purchase of a character set and you will then automatically receive all future updates to the ebook.


In this set, you'll have unpainted 3mm MDF models of

Farmer Denzil

Hugo Vurst, our not so intrepid explorer

Rupert Trollbasher, the politest Viking you will ever meet

Arthur Bedruthan, complete with Oscar, his unruly parrot

Red, Fritata and Daisy Gazebo

Bertrand, Hydrangea and Alfie Filetmignon 


Lizziebelle and the Spugles - Set 2