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Three sets of square, circular and oval MDF pendant frames

With four pieces in each set, you have lots of options with these. They work separately and together, stack them, cascade them, mix and match. So many ways to use as jewellery, tiny picture frames or card toppers. 12 frames in total


Circular frames -

Centre round: 2.5cm diameter

Small frame: 3.5cm outside diameter

Medium frame: 4.5cm outside diameter

Large frame: 5.25cm outside diameter

Oval frames -

Centre oval: 1cm wide x 3cm high

Small frame: 2cm wide x 4cm high

Medium frame: 3cm wide x 5cm high

Large frame: 4cm wide x 6cm high

Square frames -

Centre rectangle: 2cm wide x 2.5cm high

Small frame: 3cm wide x 3.5cm high

Medium frame: 4cm wide x 5cm high

Large frame: 5.2cm wide x 6cm high

Orbit MDF frames

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